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Floorings and Coatings

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SIVIT was founded in Turin in 1974, and over the years, it specialized in the production and commercialization of industrial resin flooring, becoming a trusted reference for the local mechanical engineering industry. In time, SIVIT has extended its national market presence, developing solutions and cycles for a wide range of industrial, commercial and civil sectors. Besides production and supply, Sivit offers technical and post-sale consulting, so that each customer not only receives a product, but a high-standard service and, finally, an optimal result.



research and development
a full chemical plant

The Laboratory is an R&D environment, where existing products are continuosuly improved and new formulations created. Thanks to the service provided by the Laboratory, the Production can work in a proper and ideal environment, which is essential for the delivery of Quality products. The Laboratory supports its customers on a daily basis with demonstrations, training and sampling.


superior quality
and customized products

Sivit produces and sells resin flooring formulations: the current production capabilities allow to coat a total surface of more than 1.000.000 m2 per year. Thanks to decades of experience, the technicians in our Turin labs can propose breakthrough solutions for a diversified and evolving market.



from raw materials
to turnkey solutions

We do not only sell products, but also consulting services to applicators, to help them find cutting-edge solutions and application strategies.
The sales services include, on request, the "turnkey" realization through the direct laying of the products by our workers.

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Quality, Health, Environment
is our mission
Sustainability and environment

Sivit is constantly engaged in developing resin formulations that satisfy the requirements of a "green" construction industry, in the industrial and civil market. The challenge is to develop products as respectful and responsible as possible towards health and the environment, without sacrificing stability and durability. Decades of efforts in this direction have led to products almost completely water-based and solvent-free.


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Sivit is present with distributors and applicators in various countries.
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Cuba / Benelux / Spain / France / Switzerland / Albania / Hungary / Bulgaria / Macedonia Romania / Croatia / Israel / Westbank / Jordan / Lebanon / Syria / Iran / Morocco / Ghana / Burkina Faso / Singapore / Myanmar / Malaysia / Indonesia / Hong Kong / China / Canada / South Korea
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SIVIT firmly believes in sport as a symbol of a healthy life and a way to bring people together, especially the young. Thanks to the partnership with Sant'Anna Volleyball, SIVIT proudly promotes sport activities with a wide and diversified outreach, spanning from Minivolley, for primary school children, to several junior teams and, finally, the first team competing in the B series national league.

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Innovation, quality, customer focus: for over 40 years we have been offering tailor-made solutions for every type of industry,
always guaranteeing up to perfect results.